Review: EXIT 27 in Houston

EXIT 27 opened this month at the Landing Theater in Houston,Texas. The Houston Chronicle published a raving review. Here's a few highlights:

"EXIT 27 is by far the best original play to be produced this season. Remember the name Aleks Merilo. He has written one of the most astounding, suspenseful, and enlightening plays of the season...

"I became completely fascinated by these Lost Boys and their fate. Why haven’t we seen a report of this on a TV news station? Why haven’t we read a feature story on these boys? Thank the universe for Aleks Merilo, who has courageously constructed his play so that we can better understand the struggles these boys face. I was blown away by Merilo’s suspenseful writing, which is chock full of physicality and guts, reminding me of the best qualities of a Sam Shepard play. His dialogue is fresh, crisp, poetic, and poignant."

--Buzz Belmont, The Houston Chronicle 06.24.13

Huge thanks to Buzz for the kind words. Read the full review here.

Aleks Merilo