Aleks Merilo - Playwright

“Remember the name Aleks Merilo…

He has written one of the most astounding, suspenseful, and enlightening plays of the season.”

  • Buzz Belmont, The Houston Chronicle review of EXIT 27, June 24, 2013

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Full length Scripts


The HAnging Girl

7m / 8f, 2 sets

100 Minutes

Newly expelled and seemingly futureless, Sonny and his friends engage in a final night of revelry that will end with one of them going missing. 18 years earlier, Sonny's parents were involved in a crime that would never be reported. These two stories collide in the present day in the play THE HANGING GIRL


Exit 27

4M / 1F , 90 min

Since the year 2000, the citizens of one town have abandoned nearly fourteen hundred boys in the Utah Desert. They are called the Lost Boys of Utah. EXIT 27 is based on their stories.


The Snowmaker

3m/1f, 1 set

90 Minutes

In the dead of winter, a teenage girl’s estranged father unexpectedly takes her to a cabin in the isolated woods of Montana. She doesn’t know where he has been for the last 10 years. And she doesn’t know who he is searching for at night, when he stares out the window, with a sawed-off shotgun by his side.

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Blur in the Rear View

2M / 1F , 90 min

Unseen for 8 years, a quiet, hardened, and heavily tattooed young man named Jasper appears one night, standing in the dirt road outside a modest small town home. The house may or may not belong to Rory, Jaspers high school girlfriend, who remembers him fondly, but has never spoken his name to anyone. Who Jasper is, where he has been, and his unspoken motives are slowly revealed during a startling chain of events in this drama.

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The Widow of Tom’s Hill

1M / 1F, 90 min

In 1918, the worst plague in human history hit America. When a small Washington town finds itself the subjecy of a military quarantine, a young sailor and a 19 year old widow from opposite sides of the blockade engage in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, putting their lives, and souls, in the balance.


Little Moscow

1m/1 set

30 Minutes

An aging Russian immigrant recalls a time when a man’s crimes could be burned into his flesh for the world to see, and a time where a father’s love for his country came into direct conflict with his love for his daughter.